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Foodie Faves: Chic At Catch

Hey loves! I would like to welcome Alexandria Brooks, a new contributor to The City & Thrift.  She is currently a Journalism undergrad living in New Jersey, and was featured as a contestant on Food Network’s Chopped a couple years ago (so cool right?). 

Here’s Alexandria review of Catch, located in the Meatpacking District of NYC. 

One of my favorite things about NYC is the food! The city is full of chefs ready to bring something new and exciting to the restaurant scene. Catch serves a variety of different seafood dishes from sushi to lobster mac and cheese. I recently went there for lunch with my mom for the first time.

catch 2.png

Upon entering the restaurant, we were led down a dark hallway to a backdrop of subtle music with lit candles providing a hint of light. We encountered an elevator that takes you to either the indoor restaurant on the second floor, which is under renovation or the rooftop on the fourth floor, our only option. The dark, mysterious vibe of the hallway and the elevator ride was immediately put to an end as the elevator doors opened to the bright, cheer rooftop. It was a sunny day so we didn’t mind taking advantage of the outdoor dining.


catch 3.png

Once we were seated it took us a few minutes to decide what which direction our palates would take us. Ultimately, we agreed to started the meal with a small seafood tower. The seafood tower consisted of lobster, king crab legs, raw oysters, clams, colossal shrimp, and two types of ceviche. I highly recommend it because the seafood is super fresh and it can feed about two to three people for an appetizer, making it a refreshing way to start the meal. With so many raw oysters in the seafood tower I decided to try one for the first time. Needless to say the salty flavor and slimy texture turned me off to eating more of them, so I let my mom have the rest. With the variety of seafood in the seafood tower there’s something for everyone.

catch 4.png

With our palates still ready for more amazing flavors, we ordered a shrimp sushi roll with mango salsa and crispy fried shrimp coated in spicy mayo as our entrees. The shrimp roll had a bland taste and a chewy texture which was partly due to the thin, papery skin on the outside instead of sushi rice. The mango salsa  added a sweet and spicy flavor to the sushi and provided a much richer flavoring of sweetness with a mild heat. Despite being coated in mayo the fried shrimp still maintained it’s crispy texture while providing a slight amount of spiciness. After all of the seafood and wonderful spicy flavors that we experienced, we decided not to get dessert from the restaurant but instead to walk down the street to Chelsea Market and find a sweet treat there.

catch 5.png

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the ambiance at Catch. I think it appeals to people mostly in their 20s and 30s based on the contemporary music that was played and the type of people that go there. During my meal I saw a woman vlogging as she was leaving the rooftop area so it’s definitely a trendy restaurant. I recommend making reservations beforehand since the restaurant can get busy at times. Also, be prepared to splurge a bit as it can get pricey, but it’s so worth it! I’ll definitely dine at again at Catch and make room for dessert on my next trip. Hopefully you’ll be there as well!

(Photo credits: Alexandria Brooks) 


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