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Free Cash On Cyber Monday??? Yasss

Today is Cyber Monday, so I’ve decided to give everyone a gift of $10 FREE dollars.

Yes, you heard that right. All you have to do is join Ebates by clicking this link to receive a $10 cash bonus.

And you are probably thinking wow this is a scam just as I did before I joined. But IT IS NOT!

I already made over $80 on my Christmas purchases by shopping on my favorite sites such as Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Tarte Cosmetics, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters and more due to cash-back opportunities. Plus, Ebates allows in-store cash back rates as well.

To shop, simply click on a link to the store through Ebates website. This is then counted as a shopping trip. Once your order is processed, your shopping trip gains a percentage of cash back on your purchase.

Comment below on what you are purchasing on Cyber Monday!





Hey loves,

It’s crazy that spooky season has come and go! Here’s a round-up of my favorite fashion and beauty products this month.


Here is The City and Thrift’s new logo, designed by moi. I hope you love it!

the city 3


I’ve also newly joined the Glossier Rep team. Click on this link to shop my fave products and get 20% off your first order! 


This lipstick is literally the PERFECT shade. Typically I don’t wear lipsticks because I find them drying, but this one is so creamy and makes my lips appear plumped to #perfection.

Has someone walked by you only to say “what smells so good?”. That is the effect of this fragrance. It’s clean, fresh and has a hint of floral that makes you smell like you showered in a garden.

I received a sample of this product with my Sephora b-day gift and have been using it everyday ever since. Lately, I’ve been loving Tarte, so you will see a lot of their products in this month’s favorites.

The color is perfect for fall – it’s a mauvey pink that gives enough life to my cheeks to make me look alive. I’m definitely going to buy the full size once I hit the pan!

So this lip product is great for a natural, dewy look because it’s hydrating,  shiny and smells minty-fresh. The only downfall is I received in my Skin Win Hydrating kit and found out they don’t sell the shade “Shell” which is what I fell in love with.

I’ve been a big fan of face mists for quite some time now, but this organic one has been my fave. It’s extremely hydrating because it has witch hazel, unrefined cold pressed cucumber seed oil and lemongrass oil. I love spritzing it on after I wash my face morning and night for a quick pick-me-up.

First off, I LOVE how this smells. Anything rose scented is right up my alley. I do notice my hair is more tame and less poofy when I use this. Can’t wait to buy a full size option!


This trousers remind me of the 60s with their button snap and circle zippers. They have become a workwear staple for Fall.

I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop lately. I’ve been into the Mod accents lately and with the chunky heel and circle detail this makes me feel like I transported into the swingin’ sixties.

Even though I have bright blonde hair, I absolutely adore wearing mustard yellow right now. It’s so retro. Plus, this sweater is lightweight and has adorable sleeve slits.

I’ve really been digging the whole embroidered denim trend and these jeans fit like a glove.

If I could choose the perfect FW jacket, it’d be this. I really love the tough biker exterior mixed with luxe faux fur. Not to mention, it’s incredibly soft and warm!

Check is my favorite pattern this Fall and I needed a coat in the print. This jacket is perfect because it goes with everything and is lightweight enough to wear in this awkward in between weather.

These booties remind me so much of the Chloe Susanna pair, except with a more moto-inspired vibe. I love these tucked into a pair of jeans and throwing on a big chunky sweater for a laidback look.

For all my ladies who are lusting over the Gucci Dionynus bag, YOU NEED THIS. First of all, it’s real leather and suede, which ups how authentic it looks and for a whooping $110 (with international shipping because it ships from the Netherlands) it was totally worth it.

Quick storytime: a woman came up to me in my local mall saying how she just brought a Gucci bag and didn’t realize people here had them since she just went to Italy and purchased two Dionynus bags. I was shocked and excited that a woman who actually purchased the actual bag thought my dupe was the REAL THING.







Foodie Faves: Chic At Catch

Hey loves! I would like to welcome Alexandria Brooks, a new contributor to The City & Thrift.  She is currently a Journalism undergrad living in New Jersey, and was featured as a contestant on Food Network’s Chopped a couple years ago (so cool right?). 

Here’s Alexandria review of Catch, located in the Meatpacking District of NYC. 

One of my favorite things about NYC is the food! The city is full of chefs ready to bring something new and exciting to the restaurant scene. Catch serves a variety of different seafood dishes from sushi to lobster mac and cheese. I recently went there for lunch with my mom for the first time.

catch 2.png

Upon entering the restaurant, we were led down a dark hallway to a backdrop of subtle music with lit candles providing a hint of light. We encountered an elevator that takes you to either the indoor restaurant on the second floor, which is under renovation or the rooftop on the fourth floor, our only option. The dark, mysterious vibe of the hallway and the elevator ride was immediately put to an end as the elevator doors opened to the bright, cheer rooftop. It was a sunny day so we didn’t mind taking advantage of the outdoor dining.


catch 3.png

Once we were seated it took us a few minutes to decide what which direction our palates would take us. Ultimately, we agreed to started the meal with a small seafood tower. The seafood tower consisted of lobster, king crab legs, raw oysters, clams, colossal shrimp, and two types of ceviche. I highly recommend it because the seafood is super fresh and it can feed about two to three people for an appetizer, making it a refreshing way to start the meal. With so many raw oysters in the seafood tower I decided to try one for the first time. Needless to say the salty flavor and slimy texture turned me off to eating more of them, so I let my mom have the rest. With the variety of seafood in the seafood tower there’s something for everyone.

catch 4.png

With our palates still ready for more amazing flavors, we ordered a shrimp sushi roll with mango salsa and crispy fried shrimp coated in spicy mayo as our entrees. The shrimp roll had a bland taste and a chewy texture which was partly due to the thin, papery skin on the outside instead of sushi rice. The mango salsa  added a sweet and spicy flavor to the sushi and provided a much richer flavoring of sweetness with a mild heat. Despite being coated in mayo the fried shrimp still maintained it’s crispy texture while providing a slight amount of spiciness. After all of the seafood and wonderful spicy flavors that we experienced, we decided not to get dessert from the restaurant but instead to walk down the street to Chelsea Market and find a sweet treat there.

catch 5.png

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the ambiance at Catch. I think it appeals to people mostly in their 20s and 30s based on the contemporary music that was played and the type of people that go there. During my meal I saw a woman vlogging as she was leaving the rooftop area so it’s definitely a trendy restaurant. I recommend making reservations beforehand since the restaurant can get busy at times. Also, be prepared to splurge a bit as it can get pricey, but it’s so worth it! I’ll definitely dine at again at Catch and make room for dessert on my next trip. Hopefully you’ll be there as well!

(Photo credits: Alexandria Brooks) 

What A Lovely Friday

So much new music this week, summer jams are coming in hot.

In The News



  1. One More Love Song- Mac DeMarco
  2. Love Galore – SZA ft. Travis Scott
  3. J-Boy – Phoenix
  4. Right Now – HAIM 
  5. Young & Menace – Fall Out Boy 
  6. Thinking of A Place- War On Drugs 
  7. Wrong – A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky 
  8. Bon Appepit- Katy Perry ft. Migos
  9. I’m the One- DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne
  10. Submission – Goriallz ft . Danny Brown, Kelela
  11. Calm Down – Skip Marley
  12. Lens – Frank Ocean 

Have a great weekend!



(featured image credit :

Trend Alert : Tassels

Tassels are all the rage right, and for good reason! They add a bit of texture and movement into your outfit for an instant tropics esque look. Here some some styles to get your swinging with the fun trend!







(featured image credit :


April showers bring May flowers, right? As the sunny days are approaching, I’ve rounded up my faves for this month!


Henri Bendel fringe tote – I’ve been using this bag all month, and am OBSESSED. I love fringe because it gives any outfit a carefree, free-spirited vibe that’s perfect for this time of year.


Stella & Dot tassel earrings – I’m usually a stud earring type gal, but these add the perfect amount of cool girl vibes into any outfit.


Stella & Dot Aven layering necklace– This 4 in 1 necklace is a must have! It can turn into a long necklace, a choker style, a lariet and all styles together. I can’t wait to bring it on vacation for any easy way to spice up any look!


H&M gingham top – Gingham has been on my radar, and this is just the perfect top for work and play.


Boohoo off-the-shoulder playsuit– Boohoo has the best sales EVER, so I got this little nautical number for $13. It’s so easy to just throw on with a pair of sandals or sneakers. The quality is pretty good and the fabric is soft!


Superga sneakers– They finally started selling the Italian brand at Target, and I’m so excited because this pair was only $30. A crisp white faux leather sneaker is perfect for the summer!



Glossier soothing face mist– I’ve finally understood the hype of toners and mists. I’m obsessing with using this after applying my makeup ( I apply mascara after so it doesn’t run!).

Curology– I’ve actually been using Curology since January, but I’m finally putting it in my favorites. The monthly subscription service sets you up with a dermatologist who creates a medication based on actual photos of your face and your skin conditions.

Since starting, I’ve noticed way less redness and breakouts. I have on and off days, but the medication really works alongside with watching what I eat and working out! There is a 1 month free trial program – be sure to check it out!

Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sins in Indolence – This has been my go-to lipstick for quite some time, so I figured I’d add it into my faves for this month. The petal pink hue is perfect for spring!


MyFitnessPal – I’ve recently starting going to the gym lately, and I like using this app to track my meals and daily workouts. It’s super easy to use and free!

Crunch Gym – So I was one of those people who had a gym membership and never went until now. I’ve been trying to go to the gym 2 to 4 times a week. Honestly it feels so good to workout! I love Crunch because they include classes, machines and access to their 154 clubs for $19.95. I love having access to different clubs because I’ve between places quite often.

Click on the link to get a free 1 day trial!


Chia seed pudding– Sounds gross, but tastes amazing! I love adding fruits like berries with honey to it and some cacao nibs for a sweet breakfast.

Brussel sprouts– Everyone always hates on brussel sprouts, but they have been my favorite thing to eat for lunch and dinner lately. Roast them in the oven, and add them to  rice and beans or a fish dish.

Hope you enjoyed a quick lil faves roundup! Comment with your faves of the month!



Trend Alert : Gingham

Scoot over, Dorothy, gingham isn’t just for Kanas anymore. The checkered print associated with country concerts and halloween costumes is now being worn on the likes of bloggers and fashion editors.

Here’s some outfits to get you going with gingham!










(featured photo taken from

Good (music) Friday

Hey babes!

It’s Good Friday, and Kendrick just dropped his album DAMN. Supposedly, the rumor is K-Dot is set to drop yet another album on Sunday (pulling a Future and Jesus all in one).

  1. Love- Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari
  2. XXX-Kendrick Lamar ft. U2 
  3. Pride – Kendrick Lamar 
  4. New Choppa- Playboy Carti ft. ASAP Rocky 
  5. No. 9 – Playboy Carti 
  6. Magnolia – Playboy Carti 
  7. On The Level – Mac DeMarco
  8. Harley- Lil Yachty 
  9. Biking- Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Jay-Z 
  10. Pleaser- The Wallows 



A Day In The Life Of An Editorial Assistant

Whenever I tell anyone I work in fashion they immediately declare : “It’s basically The Devil Wears Prada, right? You scrummaged around getting Starbs for the Editor in Chief and count down the hours till your next almond?”

Shocker: none of my experiences have been like the romanticized yet beloved fashion-centric film.

Most of my days are spent answering press emails and typing away at my computer while sipping a La Croix (coconut flavored, of course).

While most days are not nearly as glamorous as the movies, there are some that are. Like yesterday, when I met supermodel and America’s Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow at an event for Me To We (an ethical brand that gives back to the community with every purchase) , which is launching at Bloomingdales. I wasn’t going to go to the event because I have been sick for the past two weeks, but I thought “Why not. It will be an experience.” 

I rushed to get there in an Uber, and arrived at the posh Bloomingdales on 59th fashionably late. As I entered, I lusted over lush Louis Vuitton bags and the myriad of aesthetically pleasing  makeup counters.

I finally got to the event last minute and was rushed to get a pic with Winnie. I said hi and where I worked and then “snap, snap”.  Since I arrived at the event a bit late, it was a bit crazed since they were wrapping up. I was just happy to get a picture with Winnie to document the moment of the “glam days” people think I have. Not every moment working is going to be a story, but when opportunities come around you have to take them.

Moral of the story: make your own excitement in life. Don’t wait around for anyone to make your life how you dream of it. It’s up to you!



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Music Friyay

Hey hey there!

This week has been an eventful week for music -XXXTENTACION has been released from jail (and tweets about Drake’s mama ouch!) , Lana Del Rey dropped her new teaser for Lust for Life (and confirmed she will be working with The Weeknd), and Kendrick dropped yet another single.

Here’s my picks of the best of this week, enjoy.

Conscience – Kodak Black & Future

Kodak and Future can do no wrong. Point blank.

HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

The beat on this track is fire, naturally, and the video reminded me a bit of Eminem’s Slim Shady (1:07). Let’s not forget the mimicked Last Supper scene shortly after.

Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey’s teaser 

I definitely got some 1940s film noir and Twilight Zone vibes while watching this witchy, Hollweird filled preview. Between the moon phases, black and white cinematography and somber yet hopeful voice, I’m excited to see what Lana’s new album has in store for us.

Heatstroke- Calvin Harris / Pharrell / Young Thug / Ariana Grande 

Only putting this as a “best” for Jeffrey’s part. This will be a chill summer song though.

ROCKABYE BABY – Joey Bada$$ & Schoolboy Q 

Joey is back with his take on the political climate of the US of A with some sharp verses such as an outright “F**ck Donald Trump”. To me, it’s clear what his message is here.

In Cold Blood- alt-J 

alt-J has always done groovy ish, but this is a return to their more experimental sound we saw in An Awesome Wave. I’m all for it.

Hey, Did I Do You Wrong- San Cisco 

Chill indie beats from the Aussie Band. Beach visuals shot in a retro way. What more could you want?

This Old Dog – Mac DeMarco video premiere 

WARNING: Creepy doggish masks worn by hipster looking guys. I definitely don’t recommend watching this at work unless you want your co-workers to think you’re a certified freak. An applaud to Mac for his bizarreness.

That’s all folks! Let me know your faves of the week!





Hey babes!

March might be ending, but that means we are one step closer to tanner days!

Here are some things I’ve been loving this month.

1. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse , $12.99- I’ve been using St.Tropez gradual tanning moisturizer and barely noticed a difference. I used this once in hopes I wouldn’t look like an Oompa Loompa and boy, I was shocked. I instantly looked like I arrived from a vacay with a radiant glow. Only downside is it does leave my hands a little brownish.

2. Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff, $18- I’m new to the cream blush scene, but I think I’ll be here a while. This rosy color creates a natural flush without looking overdone.

3. NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Green, $5- I had been using the YSL Touche eclat neutralizer in green but it was too luxe for everyday. This one does the job and didn’t make my ultra sensitive skin breakout.

4. Maybelline FitMe Matte + Poreless, $7.99- Even though I’m a strictly powder gal, I decided to give this a try since every Youtuber and their mother uses this foundation. And for good reason! The coverage is amazing, the price is perfect and my skin didn’t crack or look oily once. DEF A MUST! 

Let me know your favorites for the month!



In Review: Finesse Hair Care

*This post is sponsored by BrandBacker and Finesse but all opinions are my own. Scale ranking 1 to 10 (ten being the best)* 

Hello lovelies! During the chilly winter months, the ends of my hair are drier than the Sahara desert and my phone on a Saturday combined.

Thankfully BrandBacker and Finesse were kind enough to send me samples of Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a fave of Kendall Jenner. I had never heard of Finesse before, but figured it was like any other drugstore hair products – ones that get the job done. TBH, I wasn’t expecting that much.

Below is the picture of my “after” hair – this was after one wash with the Finesse products. Excuse the dog filter, woof.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Scent- 4/10 

The scent isn’t the best, but it’s not harsh either. It’s kind of like a musky floral and smells a bit old. But it does get masked once you spray other products in your hair!

Blow drying after wash – 9/10 

Before blow drying my hair, I put SunIn lightening spray and OGX Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron spray.  My hair is on the longer side and usually super frizzy and wavy, but to my surprise it dried incredibly straight with minimal frizz! I was pleased with the results of this.

Hair Texture after wash-8/10

My wavy tresses were much more smooth when blowing my hair and straightening.

Shine- 8/10 

My hair looks incredibly more shinier and healthier after straightening it.

Overall – 9/10

Between the price point and results, I have to say I will be purchasing these products again!

I hope this review helps and please tag me in your posts if you try Finesse too!



The Edit: Fishnets

It’s spunky, it’s grunge, it’s the fishnet. The 90s tight is making its way back on the legs of the Hollywood It Girls and Insta baddies. Actually it’s such an inexpensive trend I had to try it!


The first thing I noticed about this trend is it’s definitely not winter friendly. I mean having intentional holes in your tights defeats the purpose, right? So to make it work I decided to keep business up top and party down below.

Here’s an easy guide on making this tight laid back cool.

Step 1: I picked out a cropped sweatshirt  because I like the look of the tights and jeans on the sitting on the waist.

Step 2: I slipped on the fishnets and picked a ripped boyfriend jean to show off the tights. (I’m not even going to pretend I wasn’t freezing because I was!)


Step 3: Choose a warm coat! I love love love denim jackets with a shearling lining so I went with that because it reminds me of Freaks & Geeks.

Step 4: I went with a hi-top Vans sneaker, though any tennis or skate shoe will work. This type of shoe goes with the 90s aesthetic.

Step 5: Grab a pair of unique sunnies. I really like how the circular, almost futuristic Dior So Real glasses went with this outfit.

And now you’re done and ready to flaunt your fishnets! It’s that easy.




Shop Lulus and enjoy $15 off + Free Shipping on US orders over $150 – Use promo code ‘take15 at checkout. Click here!

The Edit: Leopard Coat

If there is one item you need in your closet right now, it’s a rawr-worthy leopard coat.

Now you may be thinking – leopard? Isn’t that for old ladies or the cast of the Jersey Shore? Well, no. The ferocious print has been spotted on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Behati Prinsloo. Talk about an Angel trifecta!


Credit: Splash News via


Credit: Splash News via


Here’s how I took this statement piece and transformed it into everyday wear.


Credit: Nicole Klock

Step 1: Grab a vintage looking band tee to instantly bring some rock n’ roll edge to your coat. I choose this Brandy Melville Led Zeppelin one because I thought the gray and cream tones paired well with the jacket, but go for any band you fancy.

Step 2: Choose a simple denim. I choose a black skinny jean to balance out the top heavy coat.

Step 3: Accessorize. Since I’m going for a boho rocker look, I choose a western studded skinny belt and round sunnies. I think a floppy hat would work here too.

Step 4: Slip on a black bootie to elongate your legs! A heeled Chelsea boot adds a touch of edge and class.

Step 5: Throw on your coat and rock n’ roll.






Be sure to tag The City and Thrift in your leopard coat outfits on Insta.




Credit: Nicole Klock



The Edit: Camel Coat

The three C’s of winter: camel, chai and chilly. 

There’s nothing quite like a rich, buttery camel coat to slip on in the brisk winter months. The color literally goes with anything in your closet, and makes you look like a million bucks even when you’re too broke to buy a Starbs (we’ve all been there).

How did I style my camel you may ask? Easy, peasy.

Step 1: Throw a printed top. I choose this leopard button down (similar). It’s flowy and chic and instantly smoothes any stomach bulges.

Step 2: Tuck in your blouse into a pair of kick crop flares (EXACT). Mine are black because I’m a black jean hoarder and actually have an addiction. Black jeans are just so downtown cool.

Step 3: If you like it, throw a camel coat (similar) on it! I decided to leave my coat open because of the length, but depending on your aesthetic caping it would be cool too.

Step 4: Accessorize! Due to the chilly temps, I threw on my fave beanie (similar) and chain-adorned black leather booties (EXACT). I love these because they add a bit of jewelry without the hassle. A chainlink crossbody (similar) adds a dose of edgy-glam.

Step 5: Grab a coffee and go.


Be sure to tag The City And Thrift on Insta with your #ootd pics! I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 Also, email me, comment or DM with any fashion how-to’s you would like to see!





Fave song: The Search for Everything – John Mayer 

Fave fragrance: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Fave online shop: Mango Outlet – they have 25% off their already incredible sale!

Things To Be Grateful For

Hello loves! It’s been quite a while since I blogged, and it’s for a good reason.

In June, I received a job as a fashion and beauty Editorial Assistant for major news publications. Yes, the magazines you see on newsstands at the convenience store and supermarket! Due to this endeavor, I’ve been basically living under strict deadlines, writing my life away and am in the process of moving.

Despite my hectic schedule, I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love straight out of college and at such a young age. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I figured I should name some of the things I’m grateful for this past year and in my life.

  1. My family – My mom, dad and brothers are my support system and I could not do everything I do without them. Whether it was them helping me through college or listening to me complain about sitting in traffic, they are always there. I love them.
  2. My friends– I truly love all my friends and am so happy to have people in my life who care. I’m also grateful for the friends who listen to me when I need them and for the friends I can always count on for a good time.
  3. Doing what I love – Some people never discover what they love or want to do with their life until they are 40 and having a midlife crisis. I’m lucky to have realized right now that I’m doing what I should doing.
  4. Fashion – This has become my outlet where I can express myself. I feel comfortable and completely myself in this world. I am so happy the fashion industry has welcome me with open arms and allows me to have fun, create and met incredible people.
  5. Alarm clocks– because let’s be honest who else would wake me up in the morning (maybe my mom?)
  6. Social media – as silly as this is, I love social media and how it has allowed me to connect with so many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise (Just like you guys!). So thank you, Internet!
  7. Relaxing days – I love the days when I can sip my coffee and lounge around. Never take those lazy days for granted!
  8. Being self -aware– I find that many people, whether normal or celebs, are stuck in this bubble where they become so unrelatable to others. I always try to stay grounded and see where others are coming from because I feel like as a human that allows me to grow and evolve mentally.
  9. Food – I love food. All kinds of food. I mean that’s kind of what Thanksgiving is about, right?
  10. Life– Sometimes we take for granted everyday occurrences. Try not to. Live your life to the fullest and take chances. Go after the guy you like. Be silly. Don’t take life too seriously!

Comment below what you are grateful for this holiday season! I can’t wait to read them all.



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Trend Alert: Crochet

Year after year the carefree, bohemian style stays strong during the summer months- think peasant tops, fringe, chunky necklaces, and gladiator sandals. For summer 2016, crochet is taking the fashion world by storm in the form of dresses, crop tops, and even bikinis. Crochet adds a rustic, vintage flair to any style without making you look outdated. Here are some ways to incorporate this trend into your summer wardrobe!


The Rock Show

  1. Crochet top
  2. Fringe shorts
  3. Suede choker
  4. Lace up heels 
sun daze

Sun Daze

  1. Crochet bikini
  2. Denim hat 
  3. Sandals 
blush on you .jpg

Blushin’ On You

  1. Crochet top
  2. Fringed skirt
  3. Jeweled heels 

Get Your Groove On

  1. Off shoulder top
  2. Crochet shorts 
  3. Metal purse 

*Featured image taken from Fashionisers 

Stay cool in these crochet-lovin’ outfits.



What to Wear: Festivals

Rompers, suede, and tassels are your go-to’s for this year’s festival season. With tons of shops stocking up on the latest trends, shopping for outfits can get a little hazy. Here is a quick guide filled with outfit inspo to get you into the groove!




Cutout sandals


Tassel Bag 




Off shoulder top

Lace-up suede shorts

Rainbow purse

Lace-up sandals 


Gov. Ball

Suede jacket

Lace-up shorts 

Flip flops 


With these three easy, breezy looks, you will be sure to be the hit of street style this festival season!

Stay stylish,


Fashion X Film: Almost Famous

The Beatles once said, “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.” Indeed, Cameron Crowe’s 2000 film, Almost Famous, has made Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) into a fashion icon. Whether a Led Zeppelin song comes on the radio or a shaggy fur is passed by in a window, Penny Lane is everywhere, leaving her mark as the iconic groupie from the fictional Band-Aids. Her style is a sweet melody of rock n’roll meets bohemian princess. It’s effortless, it’s 70s, and it’s easy to recreate for the modern day girl.


penny lane 1

“We are the Band Aids”

Peasant Shirt

Cord Mini Skirt

Wool Blend Coat 

Clog Sandal

penny lane 2

“Too Sweet For Rock N’Roll”

Peasant Blouse 

Flare Jeans 

Fringe Booties 

Bucket Bag 

Round Sunnies 


“Go To The Record Store & Visit Your Friends”

Peasant Top

Velvet Shorts

Floral Bootie 

Led Zeppelin Patch 

I hope you enjoy these Penny Lane inspired looks. If you haven’t already watched Almost Famous, I recommend it!

Stay groovy,


SALE ALERT : Forever 21

Hey loves! Happy 4th of July weekend! As you know, I can never pass a good sale, especially if it’s Forever21 related. Starting today, they launched their buy one on sale, get one free deal.

Here’s what I picked up for a total of under $100! It was $72.45 to be exact 🙂




Trend Alert: Market Totes

Nothing says Parisian chic like a straw bag. While you might not have a baguette sticking out of it, the simple and sleek style will make any look simply effortless.

Here are a few of my favorite styles all under $200!


Sundry Sea Sun Salt tote, $125

straw 2.jpeg

Neiman Marcus pompom, $75 


TJMaxx tassel tote, $25


Caterina Bertini cherry tote, $58

stripe.jpgMagid striped tote, $35


KAYU stars tote, $125

tjx (1).jpeg

TJMaxx simple tote, $24

white house.jpg

WhiteHouse BlackMarket fringe tote, $148


Macbeth sunshine tote, $72 

Stay sunny,


Lust For Life Friyay

Happy Fry-yay! Lana debuted her new single with The Weeknd this week, and I can say it’s honestly everything I expected from the velvety-voiced duo. I’ve been into indie tracks this week, so here are my fave!



  1. Lust For Life – Lana Del Ray ft. The Weeknd
  2. Oh Devil – Electric Guest
  3. The Night We Met- Lord Huron
  4. On The Level- Mac DeMarco
  5. Black Rose- Future Islands
  6. Hard Times – Paramore
  7. This Time-Beach Fossils
  8. Serve The Song – Real Estate 
  9. California – The Lagoons 
  10. Dark Days- Local Natives